BCM313: Final Reflection

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This subject has been incredibly interesting. I had no expectations or thoughts as to what I might learn this semester, and I was so pleasantly surprised. I had no concept of the importance of narratives, combined with personal and professional lives, until studying this subject. I have since learnt that the ‘small’ stories in our lives have great meaning, and can shape our values and attitudes, which in turn reflect who we are in our working world. Everything has an impact – a ripple effect.

Kate’s weekly Friday workshops were insightful, collaborative and very thought-provoking. I very much appreciate the guest speakers who enriched our learning, taking the time to be open with our cohort and share their insights and stories. The use of active listening is so powerful, coupled with the application of White’s absent but implicit model. I enjoyed watching the presentations from my fellow writers’ group members, and discussing concepts with them weekly.

The future of work is changing rapidly and within various directions, and it is probably impossible to think of all of the ways this will be so. I hope my final creative essay might encourage other BCM students to consider their own future of work, because I certainly am.

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